R6Loot First update!

Thanks for the overwhelming feedback on Reddit and Twitter !

We have a big list of fixes and new features to work on, but in the meantime here's the current changelog :

Now visible on the website :

  • Umbral Science headgear for Mute,
  • PS4 promotion bundle for Doc (Headgear, Uniform, MP5 skin)
  • Bope pistol legendary Ivory Stealth
  • Shutter Shades headgear for Dokkaebi
  • Streamer charms : Gabbo, kickstar, zironicDK
  • "Elite" is now a keyword you can use to filter stuff!

We're aware of some pictures using the wrong color, like on the Signature Six '20 seasonal skin. The borders should always be correct, but the pictures need updating. I have the list and will do that as soon as I have some time !

- Napy