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Operation Void Edge is live on R6Loot!

With a new operation, new content !

Caveira Elite is out !

Have a look at the newly released Caveira Elite ! The bundle contains :

Year 5 Season Pass items !

The Year 5 Battlepass is out, and with it, new skins ! If you buy it, here's what you'll get :

New Release: seasons, availability filters and more!

We received a ton of feedback from users - bugs, feature requests, missing data and more. First off, thanks for the feedback, it's been invaluable and will go a long way to making R6 Loot a better platform.

Warden Mustache Bundle

Stay above it all with Warden's Mustache Bundle. Includes the Dashing Lane Uniform and headgear, the Precursor Charm and Sharp Class weapon skin for the MPX.

R6Loot First update!

Thanks for the overwhelming feedback on Reddit and Twitter !

Total Blackout Bundle for Dokkaebi and Vigil

Just released, a new bundle for Dokkaebi and Vigil ! Follow the links !

Road To S.I. Event and Battlepass

New Items released today !

We're live! But we need your help...

We were tired of going in game cycling through menus, or scouring the web to talk ingame skins, so we did what we thought was impossible.